Postdoctoral Position in Genomics (wet-lab) (M/F)

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Postdoctoral Position in Genomics (wet-lab) (M/F)

07/31/2024 Paris Institut Curie Research CenterInstitut Curie is a major player in the research and fight against cancer. It consists of a Hospital group and a Research Center of more than 1000 employees with a strong international representativeness.The objective of the Research Center is to develop basic research and to use the knowledge produced to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics of cancers as part of the continuum between basic research and innovation serving the patient. Laboratory We are looking for motivated and productive post-doctoral fellows to join our team NON-CODING RNA, EPIGENETICS, AND GENOMES FLUIDITY

headed by Antonin MORILLON ( ), at Institut Curie, Paris, France. Our research interests focus on regulatory noncoding (nc)RNAs. In high eukaryotes, regulatory ncRNAs have been shown to regulate gene expression, chromatin domains and genome stability. There is a growing amount of evidence suggesting that they play a central role in cellular homeostasis during normal and pathological development. Regulatory ncRNA can be classified in small noncoding RNAs that take part of RNAi pathways; and long noncoding RNAs of at least 200 nucleotides in length. The latter transcripts present the most prevalent class of noncoding genes in the human genome and show a high diversity in structure and functions. We develop original high throughput sequencing and computational approaches allowing exhaustive transcriptomic studies in yeast and humans and identification of novel lncRNA species. They are further studied for their fate and function in both eukaryotic systems. Finally, we investigate clinical relevance of lncRNAs as non-invasive prognostic biomarkers in cancer. The project The human genome consists of coding and non-coding regions, with only 2% coding for proteins and the remaining 98% known as the "dark genome," comprising introns, repetitive sequences, and non-coding genes. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have garnered attention for their cell type and tissue-specific roles in epigenetic regulation and gene expression control, presenting potential as biomarkers. Recent discoveries indicate that some lncRNAs undergo translation into peptides, influencing cancer regulation and immune cell recognition, offering avenues for immunotherapy. However, existing techniques may miss significant portions of these RNAs. This project aims to identify novel RNA and peptides using blind reference-free RNA sequencing and bioinformatics in aggressive lung cancer cases, revealing promising indicators for relapse but also NeoAntigens for future therapeutical vaccination. The team's unique expertise combines omics approaches, cancer immunogenicity, and biofluid studies, aiming to define cancer biomarkers, potentially facilitating the development of targeted anticancer vaccines, thus offering significant clinical advancements for aggressive types of cancer. Project is supported from a collaboration with a private biotech. Bibliographical references 6. Morillon A & Gautheret D. Genome Biol

2019 , 20, 1–7. Constraints and risks - Use of biological/chemical products Training and Skills required: We are looking for a



candidate: - Candidate should hold a PhD in biology, cellular biology, or related areas. - Fresh PhD graduate or with up to 3 years of postdoctoral experience. - Solid background in immunopeptidomics, non-canonical translation, immunology, and cell culture. Applicants are invited to indicate the specific level of experience is these subjects. - Language skills: Fluency in English level and communication skills. French is a plus. Abilities - Ability to work independently,managerial abilities, aptitude for working in a team. - The candidate should be highly motivated, curious, and enthusiastic to work in a collaborative team. All our opportunities are open to people with disabilities. Contract information Type of contract : Fixed-term contract (CDD) Starting date:

As soon as possible Duration : 18 months (renewable contract up to 3 years) Working time : full time Remuneration : according to the current grids Benefits : Collective catering, reimbursement of transportation fees up to 70%, supplementary health insurance Location of the position : Paris, 5eme Reference:

NA Contact Please send your CV, letter of motivation and 3 references CVs to be processed on the go, therefore the position could be filled before the deadline for applications. Institut Curie is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity.